The term project is a group assignment and should be completed within groups of 4-5 students. The topic(s), expectations, outcomes, and evaluative components will be announced during later classes.
Groups will be formed and announced in class on September 21nd. Students may indicate group preferences latest by September 19th and I will try to accommodate these preferences to the extent possible. I would be happy to make the group assignments on your behalf if you have no preferences, or do not know others in the class.
In-class meetings (approx. 5 minutes) between the various groups and the instructor will take place on October 12th. This will be followed by in-class presentations held on November 2nd. Softcopies as well as hardcopies of the final report are due by 10 a.m. on December 13th. Please be aware that this is a group-based exercise and I expect everyone to be valued members of their groups. As in the workplace, it is essential to learn how to function effectively within teams and contribute to group goals. Peer evaluations will therefore be one of the components for assessing individual scores. These peer evaluations will occur anonymously at term-end after the project has been submitted. Please schedule an appointment with me if you need help in researching and/or developing this project. All projects must be initiated, and completed, exclusively for this course.

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